Sunday, 27 November 2011

Just around the corner: Winter

It has been a while, school got a little busy on me there. But I thought today was a good day for another post, I was already looking pretty rad from church... (always a good reason to take some pics) and the sun was sort of shining. So as I sit here, house to myself, belting out Marianas Trench's killer new album (actually comes pretty close to the Masterpiece Theatre...) I present to you a little bit of fall fashion. 
Location: The Doll House

In case you care what I'm wearing: 
Jacket- Smart Set / Shirt- some little shop in NY / Boots - Aldo / Necklace- Smart Set / 
Socks-Mother's Closet / Stack O'Bracelets - Vintage and Misc (bling from ae)

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