Saturday, 31 March 2012

I don't know if you know, but I'm kinda a Big Deal

So I had the opportunity to test out the modeling waters the other weekend! And I have to say I quite like it.
I've always liked a bit of the hippie look, headbands, load of jewelry and such, so here was a perfect opportunity to bust it out. 
Great day of photo shooting! Photos taken by the lovely Tiffany. Hair and make-up done by Tara at Glow, because I am completely incapable of doing my own face haha, bringing in the experts.

You can find Tiffany's Facebook page right here:

You can find Glow's page right here:

Here are some pics from the BOHO shoot.

Brick is probably one of my favorite things, kind of odd but ya know

Not sure what I was blowing at? But turned out quite lovely anyways!

Classy Reflection Shot

How wonderful to be serenaded by bagpipes whilst shooting...maybe not 

Jewels to the max

This one is probably one of my favorites :)

Free to be...

little bit of scarf lovin'

Also quite like this one
NOTE: chandelier in the tree

Dang you P90X, why can't my abs look like my legs

Always a fan of the highway shot

And finally some worship

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